Equi-Venture Farms, L.L.C. offers day and residential support for adults with developmental disabilities. Although the guests we serve do not ride the farm’s show horses, there are numerous other outdoor and indoor activities which they enjoy. Additionally, the Equi-Venture experience includes many day trips to interesting and enjoyable locations in the region including the home of the Kansas City Royals professional baseball team and the newly-renovated Kansas State Capitol Building!Yoga IDay Support facilities in Topeka are located in a park style setting on our spacious horse farm, offering a wide range of outdoor and indoor activities including an in-ground swimming pool, volleyball court, putt-putt, gardening and fishing. Our indoor activities include a new gymnasium with a basketball court and a computer room read more

Residential Support includes options for assistance in existing apartments and houses, new home or apartment acquisitions, and round-the-clock residential health care read more

To schedule a need assessment, please contact us Monday through Friday between the hours of 7:30 am and 5:30 pm at (785) 478-4148.

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Day and Residential Services for Adults with Developmental Disabilities in Kansas

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